Founder of the studio, multi-faceted designer and newly arrived in Madrid.


Compositions, conversational, Jack-of-all-trades

About you

In the beginning there was a little girl who was always tinkering, who wanted to become an inventor of objects and paint them with a thousand colors. From plastic arts to applied arts, a Baccalaureate, a BTS, a DSAA and a Master’s degree later, I was ready to become an industrial designer...!

For a long time I was convinced that I wasn’t good enough as an illustrator to devote myself to my passion for prints, too Cartesian to allow myself to choose a more sensitive branch of design. Luckily, I have had many professional experiences at the crossroads of the disciples, sometimes as a product designer, sometimes as a stylist, even as a teacher but finally and above all as a textile designer!

In my practice, I draw references from the history of art and costume that I combine with drawing techniques inherited from product design, such as the precise lines drawn with the Rotring, the ink of markers that diffuse and blend or the dense and soft colors of Posca.

Convinced that my fulfillment would come through entrepreneurship, I took the plunge in 2015 by creating Cymé. Initially guided by a quest for creative freedom, it is finally an ambitious facet and an immoderate taste for challenge that revealed itself.

Since then, my day-to-day work has revolved around creativity and project coordination to help our clients go further and further in their desire for innovation.


The first time I met a stranger wearing a garment with one of my prints, I felt a great sense of pride while at the same time having the impression of holding a secret. Working exclusively in B to B, we are rarely confronted with the final customer. Imagining the person who will fall in love with your design is very abstract, so when I come across one of my designs, on or in someone’s home, it always gives me that little something. I like to think that they will be part of a beautiful moment in life.