The mission I have given myself as a textile and surface designer: to sow color and cheerfulness everywhere!


Colorful harmonies, Versatility

About you

even more beautiful. My inspiration comes from nature, of course. I try to tell stories through my creations and bring out an emotion. For this, I can spend hours working on color harmonies, and looking for the detail that will give character to my drawing. 

It is after a 2 years experience as a textile designer in a household linen brand that I felt like taking off. I needed to free my creativity and to be able to design for different sectors and materials.

I joined Cymé in 2019 and since then I’m happy to be able to take on all the new creative challenges that our clients throw at us!


Sometimes we draw for events or windows. This led Agnes and I to draw on beautiful mirrors for a famous brand of caviar ... and to taste their caviar vodka in the middle of the afternoon!