As a self-taught print designer for the past 5 years, I draw inspiration from various worlds, but particularly from the community of artists I’m part of in Berlin.


Pencil, compisitions

About you

The profession of being a print designer has been a self-taught adventure for me. It began with my desire to find the thing that made me feel alive, which is creating seamless patterns, into a profession. 
The journey that followed proved to be a bit challenging, but no less stimulating! Five years after that day, I have grown in my knowledge of the craft, my practice, my collection, and my artistic style. 
It was evidently a wise decision, as I never gave up and even became a prolific creator offering a wide variety of patterns, always striving for the highest level of quality and continuously curious to explore new worlds and techniques.


I am a co-founder of a «mix N draw» workshop in Berlin. Once a week, we gather to practice our arts. My friend practices DJing, and I create patterns for my collection. We were immediately joined by another artist, and then another, for these productive yet relaxed and inspiring moments.