As an ornamental painter, I create handmade decorative motifs and panels with a decidedly modern touch, filled with symbols, for the furniture and decoration sectors.


Painting, large scale for wallpaper and furnishing

About you

There is something of the griot in my work. I love telling stories, anticipating what is unseen on the stage: the passage of a bird, the movement of the wind through foliage, the delicate scent of a bouquet... 
Around the floral design, I summon an entire imaginary world, sometimes more or less fantasized nature. Romantic landscapes, whimsical gardens, and improbable details are born, completing a universe where the bizarre mingles with the beautiful.


I have a little obsession with brushes and various types of brushes. So much so that when I’m on vacation, I can’t help but make «little detours» to visit art stores and even hardware stores in search of a tool I don’t have yet. Recently, some friends are going to Korea, and when everyone asked them for a surprise souvenir, I was very specific about the address of a Calligraphy specialty store in Seoul that seems absolutely amazing. VERY SPECIFIC!