In love with the practice of the drawing since very small, it is with evidence that I turned to a trade of art and more precisely that of pattern designer.


Colors, florals and geometrical prints

About you

I have a Baccalaureate in Applied Arts, a BTS in Fashion Design and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts. I have always been fascinated by fabric patterns, ornaments and interior design. 
I love the abundance of details, organic shapes, materials and textures. I find in nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration: gardens, the play of light and shadow, the wind caressing the leaves, bodies of water... 
I enjoy finding colorful harmonies but also the step of separating colors allowed by the wonderful tool that is the computer, where the original drawing can be transformed into a whole new pattern. It’s like new encounters and discoveries with the same drawing. 


Sometimes I am out of inspiration to name a design and in this case, to change a little, I take the names of the students I work with. Depending on the style of the design, I will more easily think of the gentle or impulsive character of a child or the original personality of another and thus associate it with them.