As a graphic and textile designer for over 15 years, I am dedicated to the search for beauty and expressiveness in my creations.


Textures, mixed technique

About you

I started my professional career by studying fine arts and specializing in drawing, design and art direction in different schools. Over fifteen years have passed since then, during which time I have worked and gained experience as a graphic and textile designer, but I still have the same enthusiasm as on day one! 
I fall in love with each new project and always pay attention to the details. I tend to look for the beauty and expressiveness of spontaneous strokes, while framing them in controlled and harmonious compositions. 
I enjoy creating prints that reflect my personal vision and essence, although I consider myself versatile and am constantly experimenting with different techniques and styles that enrich my work.


Painting has always been my great passion (I created my first painting before I could walk!), but as a child I didn’t know that I could turn my vocation into a profession. 
One day, during a school trip, we visited a large multinational fashion company and I discovered a young girl who was painting flowers with which she was drawing a pattern. I still remember that moment as if it were yesterday. It was a revelation for me, and I said to myself: «One day I will be that girl». 
Years passed, and after many twists and turns in life and following my intuition, I ended up working at the same company and in the same position as that girl. I had a dream come true!