My relationship with prints is instinctive. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to fill every space, every square inch with patterns and colors. 


Realism, Ink, Experimentation

About you

I like strong, impactful prints, those that leave no choice. I particularly like working with ink, vegetal prints and large scale. 
I acquired the textile know-how during a prestigious training at ENSCI, where education navigates between art and technique. As a freelance artist-author for the past seven years, I use textile techniques as a tool and I develop my prints with pleasure, creating a unique encounter between a client’s universe and my own.

une anecdote liée à ton travail ?

A few years ago, I designed a collection of tropical prints for Cymé, several of which were sold out! 
The story behind these patterns: I designed the toucans, leopards and banana leaves, while participating in a Christmas market, in a wooden chalet that was taking on water every day. Very good memory. One should never despair!