As a visual artist who has been passionate about color since I was very young, I naturally decided to devote myself fully to it.


Photoprint, texture, colors

à propos de toi

Being very curious, I have a rich professional background in different sectors: makeup artist for 15 years (Fashion & Beauty). After the skin, I decided to study textile design, to change support and to put my colors on paper, canvas so that they remain and cohabit with the daily life in the ready-to-wear, in the decoration and the stationery.

Multi-media, multi-support for 8 years, I seek the experience of the dialogue between color and material while telling beautiful stories.

Une anecdote liée à ton travail ?

During nature walks, I am often far behind....
«Don’t worry, Mom will join us... She’s taking pictures for her prints»

Beauty is everywhere, I am an active contemplative!